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Kitchen Project

Kitchen View 1 Kitchen View 2

This modern monochrome look gives the kitchen a very clean but very bold finish and the accent colors stand out beautifully on the absolute black table top also stainless touch complement the color theme and make for a charming kitchen.

Although the use of black and dark gray color is about 50% of the elements of the room, this kitchen is still quite bright. The presence of high gloss acrylic elements is one of the keys to minimizing the negative effects of a dark color. You can see high gloss elements in the refrigerator, kitchen cabinet doors. Mirror reflects light so that adds a level of light in some parts of kitchen that way; the effect of dark colors in the room can be reduced. One key to create a dramatic look in a kitchen is through the use of contrasting colors and textures.

Finishing Material used High Gloss Acrylic White, High Gloss Acrylic Black and Black Nero Granite

Interior Design Project @ Casa Grande Apartment, Kasablanka


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