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Bedroom Project

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Thanks to the homeowner who have given us her main concept in the first place to be developed further.

Choosing purple for your bedroom design is classy. A simple yet elegant bedroom design for girls. The interiors are painted with purple and matched with classic off-white furniture and decors. The plum tufted headboard amplifies the glamour of the bedroom.

Slide-out bed contain a second hidden mattress; the bed can be pulled out for sleeping and slid back into place in the morning while also provides slide-out storage in the other side of the bed.

This bedroom has gorgeous window also storage under a window bench is an idea place to store things beneath and perfect comfy spot to read. An exclusive walk-in wardrobe in the other side of the bedroom separated by two desks in the hallway.

Finishing Material used Off White Paint

Interior Design Project @ Pantai Indah Kapuk


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